Project Description

Project Description

SalesForce customer portal allows customers to check their service details, review documents and update their information directly into CRM. All updates are real-time no matter where you do the change. Each user has its own login and password. There are times when the same contact is present in multiple accounts in SalesForce. Such users have access to multiple accounts within one customer portal profile. Admin has full control over access to the portal. There are all sorts of reports that are available to track customer interaction. For instance, a number of logins, registration date, last login time, login count, etc.

How it works

SalesForce Customer’s portal is a standalone application that works bi-directionally with CRM. By leveraging apex triggers we are able to push information into portal’s database. In other words, updated information immediately displayed within the account.

SalesForce Customer Portal Login Page

We used a bootstrap template to produce user interface. Therefore, we can ensure that the page is user-friendly no matter what device is used. On the other end, any update from portal goes straight into SalesForce via a custom made connector.

SalesForce Customer Portal Dashboard

A user also has different contact tools within the portal which will appear as cases in Salesforce. To ensure data quality, we’ve set some validation rules on both ends.

Results & Big Wins

A client was able to save time on a phone that was used to spend on sending reports and other PDFs. Customers are now having quick access to their documents and account information. They are also able to interact with customer service within the portal. All conversations are now in one place. This allows to run reports and have a better vision over the customer service department. The sales team can add this feature to the company’s portfolio when getting new customers. The solution itself is way cheaper than SalesForce Communities.