Salesforce Architecture

SalesForse, Zoho and other CRMs are very powerful tools that allow streamlining your data to provide high-end reports. So it is very important to have everything organized within your org to maximize your ROI in CRM. We can make an audit of your current org or build it from the ground level.

It all starts with understanding your business. We will sit down to identify what information needs to be stored and what are your end goals with CRM. The goal here is to build database architecture to cover most of your business processes. That includes workflows, email notifications, custom triggers, page layouts, and many more other customizations. Each solution will be directly discussed with department heads to ensure that new features are user-friendly.

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SalesForce Development

There are times when standard tools reach their limits and do not provide viable solution. It this case it is possible to get better results with custom triggers and layouts. Such layouts can save hours on altering data in CRM compared to manual entry via standard tools. As your company grows, business processes become more complicated. You may want to update multiple things all at once.

On our end we’ll come up with the solution that fits best to your needs. At first, we’ll create some sort of prototype and explain how it will work. Once agreed we’ll make it live in sandbox and demo to end users. Once approved in sandbox – it will be deployed to production.

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SalesForce Integration

Taking to the fact that CRMs can provide almost limitless possibilities there are lots of third party services that available on a market. So instead of developing your own solution, it may be more convenient to pay small fee per month and use pre-configured software. So in this case, the real challange is to get the data into CRM.

Since not every software has pre-built connectors with SalesForce or Zoho, most of the time they will have an open API. That is what we can use to transfer data between two different systems. The benefit of this method is that we can make custom solution that will perfectly fit your business processes.

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SalesForce CRM Integrations

We can help you out to integrate services that are not officially integrated with SalesForce but have open API.

Zoho CRM Integrations

Fast growing Zoho CRM can be integrated with various online services too. We have experience to get all together.

Other CRM Integrations

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have different CRM that is not in the list. Most likely we’ll be able to find a solution.

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

CRM Professional Team

Hire a professional team to manage and maintain your CRM. It’s better to do it right in first place.

CRM Business Process

Identify your business processes within CRM. Collect only relevant data that will be used in reports.

User-friendly Layouts

Build user-friendly layouts that ease data entry. Automate as much routine processes as possible.


Maximize ROI by using collected data. Build reports & dashboards to help your business grow.