Project Description

Project Description

The main goal for a client was to cut down manual data entry from Salesforce to QuickBooks. For that reason, we developed an automated solution that allows to automatically sync salesforce opportunities with QuickBooks. The basic flow is set to where once Salesforce Opportunity reaches a certain stage – we send data into QuickBooks.

For both systems to communicate we had to set the middleman database to store items that are getting synced. Such database is having its own user-friendly interface that allows a user to see the status of the connector.

QB connector login page

There are 3 main data categories to be synced. Products, Accounts, and Opportunities with line items. Each of these categories has its own section within the report page.  Basically, the Quickbooks database mirrors SalesForce. Upon initial sync, the system checks if there any changes made in SF to any of data points. If something does not match it will insert/update missing info.

QB Connector Report

Once data transfer completed, a user is able to see what is synced, what not as well as sync errors if any. There are additional buttons were set to re-upload newer version of the invoice in case of revision.

Before setting up the connector, we’ve set certain validation rules to prevent sending invalid data and to meet QuickBooks field standards.

In Quickbooks production file client had to add a small (.qbc) file: File -> Update Web Services -> Add new.

Quickbooks Connector Dashboards

Since now Salesforce has exact same data as in QuickBooks – your revenue data will be 100% accurate. Now its time to build all sorts of reports and dashboards for the leadership team. Saved time on copy paste can be repurposed to something else.