Project Description

Project Description

The developed inventory system allows tracking product levels at multiple locations and all service vehicles in real time. It uses the standard ‘Products’ object for inventory items and standard ‘Opportunity’ object to update inventory levels.

How It Works

Once an opportunity reaches a certain stage, the assigned products become reserved at the warehouse location. In most cases, it means that the product is either at the delivery vehicle or cannot be used for other customers. When probability reaches 100%, products will subtract from a warehouse location. The reserved quantity becomes zero for this opportunity.

Inventory adjustments are on a separate lightning page. It allows you to pick the warehouse location and adjust multiple products all at once with just a few clicks. It is possible either to add more or overwrite an existing quantity of a product in a warehouse. Each transaction will have its own message. It helps everyone to understand why this adjustment has been made.

Thresholds help warehouse managers to order more products when necessary. Besides thresholds, we’ve set all sorts of reports and dashboards to provide better vision over inventory levels.

Results & Big Wins

Salesforce Inventory app provided visibility over multiple warehouses. Since inventory is a part of the logistics system, managers were able to identify labor gaps in loading/unloading service vehicles. This solution improved overall efficiency and accountability among personnel. Our developed app is a clone of inventory app that is currently on SalesForce AppExchange, but the difference is that the client no longer has to pay for licenses & can provide access to entire org without paying more for each seed.